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Podcast archives are available for you to enjoy.  Additionally, you may join my Facebook community or follow me on Instagram @marriedtodoctors for more support. 

Are you married to a physician or surgeon? 


Are you feeling 'alone' in your marriage?


Yes, that's Me!

Are you married to a physician or surgeon? 


Are you feeling 'alone' in your marriage?


Yes, that's Me!
  • Wanting attention and time but then feeling needy
  • Not speaking up for your own needs, because your spouse is already stressed
  • Not receiving the accolades your spouse does
  • Feeling guilty because you know you are upset over a 'first world problem'
  • Solo parenting during away rotations and call nights
  • Emotionally supporting through exam after exam, patient after patient
  • Hearing from others how 'lucky' you are
  • Putting your career on hold
  • Moving for training or jobs and missing home

In Our Community: 

  • We understand the challenges when married to physicians and surgeons
  • We encourage and support each other in our goals
  • We live with integrity and minimize regret
  • We strengthen our marriages and families without becoming a victim of medicine 
  • We believe in ourselves, our marriages, and our future 
This is what I need!

"I understand - that's why  I created this community" ~ Lara

I'm Lara McElderry, and  I have been down this path for twenty years with my five boys and multiple moves.  I get this journey first hand. 

This is THE membership to provide you with resources and support, which will help you find connections, get down-to-earth advice, and have support during your medical journey.

This membership is specifically designed for partners of doctors who feel like medicine is overshadowing their relationship and their personal goals.

More About Lara

The Married To Doctors Membership is the only community of its kind that gives you:

  • cognitive coaching tools through the lens of a physician spouse
  • genuine connection
  • flexibility
  • a non-judgmental setting
  • the right balance between understanding and supportive encouragement to change for the better
Engineer and Mom of Three
Works Full Time and Mom of Two
Mom and Exercise Enthusiast

The reason this feels hard to you isn't because something is wrong with you.  


It's because the medical system isn't set up to support spouses or families. 

  • It has only one job: train a doctor and get him or her practicing medicine.  
  • We live in a society that respects physicians. No one is there seeing you behind the scenes and the silent sacrifices you've made. 
  • But I see you and I know many of the challenges you face.
  • And I also know that you can find success for YOU and for the good of your relationship. 
  • I'm here to be your coach and help you begin to make incremental changes that have BIG results.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to improve your positivity rate in incremental, doable ways.
  • Create new goals and see possibilities that didn't exist before.
  • Manage your home and relationship with more patience.
  • Not feel guilty about who you are and the decisions you make for yourself and your family.
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I'm IN!

Three Reasons to Join Us

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"Coaching with Lara was the thing I didn't know I needed.  I feel lighter having gotten things off my chest that I didn't know were weighing on me.  She was honest with me, made me be okay with feeling uncomfortable, asked the right questions, and then gave me the tools to work through everything."


"I signed up for Lara’s coaching sessions on a whim.  I knew I was struggling and needed help and signing up for “life coaching” sounded like a good place to start. Lara’s coaching sessions gave me the tools I needed to begin to thrive and not just survive. Lara gave me a safe space to exhale and process my thoughts and feelings. She is non-judgmental, kind, down-to-earth, and really good at giving you the nudge you didn’t know you needed. Thank you for “seeing me” Lara."



What have you got to lose?

  Here is what happens when you join:


  • You’ll instantly get a confirmation email and access to the Married to Doctors members portal.
  • In the portal, you will see the monthly calendar of live classes and coaching calls so that you can start to plan your next action steps. You can be coached on anything, not just the monthly topic during these calls.
  • You show up, participate, and start to see the benefits of coaching and community!

Monthly Investment


per month

  • Monthly topic calls presenting the latest ideas from positive psychology, applied to medical families.
  • Weekly live support calls with a certified coach and family expert to get answers to personal situations.
  • Bonus library full worksheets and short workbooks for your personal use. 
I'm Ready!