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I am a life and relationship coach 

for those Married To Doctors.


I am a life and relationship coach 

for those Married To Doctors.

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I am a Certified Life Coach with a Master's degree in Family Sciences.  My goal is to make physician families stronger and happier by decreasing overwhelm and resentment.  My podcast, Married To Doctors, is the longest-running podcast for physician families, and my coaching programs are designed for those that may not wear the white coat but love the men and women that do.

Enjoy the freebies, including the weekly podcast, and let me know when you'd like to visit about coaching.  Above all, please know that you are not alone.  Being in a relationship with a physician takes grit and lots of patience!  I'm here for you. 

How it started

The Married To Doctors Podcast

The podcast began after our family moved to Albuquerque, NM for my husband to do one-year fellowship in trauma-critical care.  I didn't have a license to teach in NM and felt stuck between jobs.  I decided to begin a passion project and hear from other physician spouses about their experiences.


How It's Going

The podcast has now been on the air over three years and has over 400 reviews, 500K downloads and is listened to in several countries.  It is the longest running podcast for physician spouses and has had over 150 unique voices featured. It has been mentioned and featured in multiple major publications throughout the medical community.

More Than a Podcast 

Since beginning the podcast, I have continued my passion to help physician families.  I am now a certified life coach and work with individuals married to someone in medicine.  I help them see new possibilities for themselves, their careers, their families, and their relationship.  I can help in the following three ways: 

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I work with both men and women in my one-on-one coaching practice. I work primarily with significant others, but I also work with physicians, and occasionally with a couple. With this option, the emphasis is where you need it most. 

I've coached on a variety of topics including creating goals, belief systems,  self-love, unmet expectations, loneliness, financial conflicts, careers, relationships with in-laws, parenting,  and resentment.

You are important. Your wants matter. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy.  It is a way to see new possibilities for yourself. 

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Each February, April, and September I take a group of physician's spouses on a wonderful journey of self-development.  I will coach you through topics like connection, parenting, taking care of yourself, sex and intimacy, and finding more joy in the journey.

Previous participants have loved hearing from others who are experiencing similar issues in their lives and relationships.  You will make new friends, laugh, and most importantly gain tools that will help you for years to come. 

You won't find another program like this on the web.  This is THE place to be if you are in a relationship with a physician and want to work with a coach! 

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Are you looking for a speaker at an upcoming event?  If the physician-family is involved, I would love to be as well.

I've spoken at a number of national events both in person and virtually. I especially enjoy presenting to medical students and residents.

To see my previous engagements and learn more please click below or contact me via email, [email protected]  


Wall of Love

"Lara is an excellent, no-nonsense coach. Thank you so much for helping me see my dilemma in a whole new, much more helpful way.  I'm so glad she was willing, to be honest, and forthright with me.  It was just the push I needed to get on with it! Thanks, Lara! You're the best!


"Coaching with Lara was the thing I didn’t know I needed. I feel lighter having gotten things off my chest that I didn’t know were weighing on me. She was honest with me, made me be okay with feeling uncomfortable, asked the right questions, and then gave me the tools to work through everything."


"I have particularly enjoyed the episodes hearing from guests in similar situations as mine.  It can be a challenging and isolating position, and it’s encouraging to know how others navigate the stresses of being a working primary parent married to a doctor.  It brightens my day to see a new episode on my phone each week.  Thanks, Lara for your commitment to this endeavor."


"This is an amazing podcast with an incredible host! The topics are so real to what we experience along this journey.  From the laughs to the "OMG that is me too" to the practical takeaways, this podcast is a go-to! Keep up the great work!"


"I don’t know many other medical spouses, so it is hard for my family and friends to understand. I finally found a kindred spirit! I feel better after listening to these podcasts and can feel proud of my spouse again. The loneliness workbook is a real gem too..."


"This podcast really helped inspire a positive change and view to medicine and medicine life.  With the wide spectrum, variety and guests so much gets covered-I would have never understood without it!"


"Lara McElderry is absolutely brilliant.  She's thoughtful and insightful.  As a physician on the front lines of COVID, always trying to do more to help and treat patients, Lara reminded me that it was okay to be human and feel sadness. I would recommend Lara's coaching one hundred times over and will definitely be coming back."


Meet Your Coach

Lara McElderry

My husband and I got married before he decided to start down the medical path.  For the past nineteen years, we’ve struggled and triumphed through the MCAT, medical school, residency, and fellowship with several twists and turns on our way to his becoming a trauma and critical care surgeon. 

In addition to this, we both knew we wanted children, and we bravely brought five boys into the world!  Our sons range in age from seven to seventeen.

I’ve learned through my own experiences that being married to a physician is not an easy journey. Now, as a life coach, I help others to see that the right mindset and tools can help make all the difference in how you look at your life. 

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My commitment to diversity.

I value having various perspectives on the podcast.  You will find career women and stay-at-home moms.  You will hear from physicians and their partners.  Same-gender couples, various religions, races, DO/MD,  are all included.

I've also interviewed foreign medical graduates, Canadians, and Australians on the show!

Please reach out if you have a unique perspective to share. 

I have found that being married to medicine gives us a common ground to discuss unique topics we can all relate to. 

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