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 You are not alone.

Medicine can be demanding and it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the schedule, the moving, and other sacrifices of time, finances, youth, and energy.

Please know that you are not alone.  Hi, I'm Lara McElderry, and  I have been down this path for twenty years.  I had my dark times, as well as plenty of good times. 

As a Certified Life Coach, I help physicians' partners (and occasionally physicians themselves) work towards happier marriages and happier lives with less resentment and contention. 

I also help women and men make decisions about balancing their own careers and ambitions when medicine seems to call all the shots. 


Let's begin with a conversation.

I invite you to schedule a no-obligation call with me.  On the call we will discuss how I work as a coach and how it can help you in your particular situation. 

I'm curious to learn what your biggest struggles are.  I have helped with a variety of relationship issues as well as career and career conflict resolution.  As a mom of five boys, sometimes parenting coaching could be what you are looking for. Especially, if you feel that you are parenting alone most of the time. 

Rest assured, that no matter what trials you bring, I am a safe and confidential place.  If for any reason I feel unable to help you, I have a vast network of coaches and therapists that I am happy to refer you to. 

I want to hear about your goals and ambitions, and how you want to improve your life.  I want you to feel safe to dream about what is possible instead of seeing only limitations. 

I'll share with you my step-by-step process and give you details about what it is like to work with me. 

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I can help.

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I trained at the Life Coach School and received countless hours of instruction. My certification is in active status and I stay current with continuing education.

More About Lara
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Married To Doctors launched in December of 2017 as a passion project.  It is the longest-running show specifically for physicians' partners. 

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Teaching is one of my passions.  I graduated with a Masters of Arts in Teaching in 2002 and I have a Bachelors degree in Family Sciences.  I have done guest speaking for medical schools and support groups for physician families.  See my CV at the link below.

More About Lara




I signed up for Lara’s coaching sessions on a whim.  I knew I was struggling and needed help and signing up for “life coaching” sounded like a good place to start. Lara’s coaching sessions gave me the tools I needed to begin to thrive and not just survive. Lara gave me a safe space to exhale and process my thoughts and feelings. She is non-judgmental, kind, down-to-earth, and really good at giving you the nudge you didn’t know you needed. Thank you for “seeing me” Lara.


Lara McElderry is absolutely brilliant.  She's thoughtful and insightful.  As a physician on the front lines of COVID, always trying to do more to help and treat patients, Lara reminded me that it was okay to be human and feel sadness.  I would recommend Lara's coaching one hundred times over and will definitely be coming back."


"Coaching with Lara was the thing I didn't know I needed.  I feel lighter having gotten things off my chest that I didn't know were weighing on me.  She was honest with me, made me be okay with feeling uncomfortable, asked the right questions, and then gave me the tools to work through everything." 

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When can we meet?

I love meeting others who are in relationships with doctors!  Choose a time and let's see if coaching is the next right step for you.  No obligation. No charge.